Dental Technologies


CariVu Cavity Detection System

While dentists are trained to detect cavities in a variety of ways, poking and prodding—even x-rays—don’t catch everything.

Diagnosing cavities in the back of the mouth using traditional methods is difficult; studies even show that 50% of cavities are left undetected in these areas. However, today’s technologies enable the location of these cavities to put a stop to further decay. DIAGNOdent is one of the more popular technologies, utilizing lasers for detection. Others utilize LED fluorescence or function as a special attachment to intraoral cameras for a closer look. All of these are completely safe, and they enhance the dentist’s ability to find cavities (also called caries). Better accuracy for better treatment plans—it’s devices like these that help us detect and treat cavities before they become a real problem.

The CariVu Cavity Detection System is an easy-to-use, hand-held tool that uses transillumination technology to identify carious lesions and cracks in a patient’s tooth. As we glide the CariVu device up and down the patient’s teeth, a safe, near-infrared light shines on each side of the tooth. This bright light causes the tooth to appear transparent, allowing us to see through the tooth and determine its condition with high accuracy.

The CariVu is great for patients of all ages because of its small size and comfortable fit in the mouth. This radiation-free device is also a great alternative for patients who avoid x-rays because of possible radiation exposure. Thanks to the CariVu, we can provide a safer, more comfortable and more accurate diagnosis.

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